There are quite a few car dealerships when visiting Japan, but they differ in many ways. Japanese culture has an obsession with ranking and hierarchy, and it is ingrained into daily life. Many Japanese dealerships are ranked and categorized on what level of performance a customer wants to receive.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Garage Shop

Most dealerships in the states cram everything into one location, providing multiple services in a confusing type of atmosphere. In Japan, you have options of what type of service or dealership you want to visit. There are normal everyday dealerships that deal with basic service and maintenance, or you may choose a performance driven factory backed dealership like GR Garage!

Toyota Gazoo Racing Garage Inventory

We are lucky to be near a new GR Garage in the Hyogo prefecture and stopped by to pick up some goods. What stands out the most is the feeling you are walking into an actual performance store; you do not feel like you are in a regular dealership. You are immediately confronted with a wide variety of high-performance parts, information, and knowledgeable service staff.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Garage Shop View

Imagine a performance store stocked with high end parts, full service, knowledgable staff and a gaming section while you wait! This would be a huge, but this is actually normal when you step inside most GR Garages in Japan! We definitely recommend stopping by one of these GR locations if you have a chance!


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