Autobacs Japan Inside

A decade ago, it would be safe to say that Autobacs was the more popular automotive performance retailer to enter the United States market for import tuners. Sadly, as quickly as Autobacs Seven Co Ltd. entered the states, they soon disappeared, and many youngsters nowadays wouldn't even know this mega parts store used to be in the United States.

Autobacs USA was basically a Pep Boys on insane steroids, offering high-quality OEM and performance automotive parts. In Japan, Autobacs is a one-stop destination for all car needs. Known to be Japan's pioneering automotive retail and service brand, with its first store opening in 1974 in Higashi, Osaka. Since then, Autobacs has become Japan's largest chain, with over 500 stores nationwide.

Autobacs Japan Inventory

Each Autobacs location in our area carries a wide range of parts, which allow customers to purchase and have the items installed by an Autobacs technician or at home if the customer chooses. We literally can spend hours at any one of these locations browsing for new products or looking for new sale items.

If you ever visit Japan, we recommend visiting a local Autobacs, as they are usually easy to find, open 7 days a week, and a great way to kill time.


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